Bonded Tiger

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In honor of Chinese New Year, year of the Tiger...

Dominate the Fashion Plain with the Exclusive Year of the Tiger print. Ultracor's perfectly form-fitting leggings are made with advanced stretch performance fabric and patented built-in shapewear to flatten the tummy, lift the butt, and engage the core.

The exclusive features an ultra-chic inspired constellation signs & tiger print pattern with maximum color saturation.

Ultracor's women's leggings with performance-driven compression fabric sculpts your body like no other legging without constricting your movements. Includes a breathable two-way stretch fabric, UV protection, built-in shape-wear and superior coverage that will assist you in the best high-performance workout you will ever experience.

Ultracor's women's activewear clothing provides support for high-medium performance impact activities such as cross training workouts, cycling, running, boxing, Pilates, rowing, hiking, rollerblading, volleyball, dancing, and yoga.

Brand Ultracor
Company's country United States
Product type Ultra High Leggings
Product name Bonded Tiger
Main colors black
Composition 43% Polyester 43% Nylon 14% Lycra
Hashtag bonded_tiger_ultra_high_legging
Country of Origin United States
Model Size S
Model Height 5'9"
Color nrpnr