Golden Era set

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Vertical Logo NEBBIA T-shirt

Do you think that only a select few can have muscular and shredded bodies? Forget about excuses. You don't have to compare. Be yourself in this classic men's fitness T-shirt from NEBBIA.

It doesn't matter how many reps you do or how big your biceps are. The important thing is that you do everything to be better than your old self. Motivate yourself before every fight with this Vertical Logo NEBBIA T-shirt! We have taken the classic cotton T-shirt to a whole new level. Thanks to added elastane, you will enjoy more flexibility and efficient sweat-wicking properties. The T-shirt is also resistant to abrasion and wrinkling.

Show that you too are a member of our fitness community and wear NEBBIA wherever you go!

48% cotton, 48% polyester, 4% elastane

Golden Era Sweatpants

You're sitting in the locker room. Black and white posters on the wall. Legends like Frank Zane and Dave Draper are looking at you. Remember? This men's classic sweatpants will take you back to the bodybuilding roots.

Remember why you started.

We combined the design of the past with our modern technologies so that each NEBBIA piece meets the requirements and needs of today's hard-working men. We added polyamide to the cotton, which will make you experience even more productive training! Sweatpants are slightly narrowing around the calves. There is a rubber waistband to make sure that the sweatpants stay in place during exercise.

Golden Era sweatpants bear the heritage of The Olympia - the most prestigious bodybuilding event in the world. We also did not forget about adding practical smart pockets and the iconic NEBBIA lampas with the logo of Mr Olympia.

No shortcuts. Only 100% commitment and hard work. Keep up what you started!


1965 is a new men’s collection by NEBBIA that has a very special meaning. It’s made in collaboration with Mr Olympia, the most prestigious bodybuilding event in the world. Inspired by its heritage, we worked together with the top athletes to uncover the secrets of real champions and transform them into clothing. This collection will take you back to the golden age of bodybuilding, to the year when it all started. With 1965, we celebrate the golden era and Mr Olympia legends throughout history. And now you can celebrate with us, too! Embody the hard work and dedication of these bodybuilding icons and pay tribute to your fitness journey.

96% cotton, 4% polyamide
Brand Nebbia
Company's country United States
Product type T-shirt & Sweatpants
Product name Golden Era set
Main colors khaki, light gray
Composition 48% cotton, 48% polyester, 4% elastane 96% cotton, 4% polyamide
Hashtag Nebbia_Golden_Era_Set
Color khaki & light grey
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